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17 Prayers For Your Boy Friend You Can Say

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You are here! I admire the love you have for your boyfriend and above all the faith that is driving you to bring him to God in prayer. It’s a good thing that you have chosen to do and I pray that God rewards you with prayers answered in accordance to his holy will.

So without wasting any more of your time find below a List of Prayers for your boy friend you can say:

For Health and Well Being

Gracious God,

You are the giver of all things that are good, 

Watch over my boyfriend, and continue to grant him health and happiness,

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


For Protection

2. Loving God,

You are our refuge and protector,

Shield my boyfriend from harm,

both seen and unseen,

Through Christ our Lord, I pray.


3. Almighty God,

You who watch over with love all that you have created;

Grant my boyfriend protection this day from harm,

both seen and unseen,

In Jesus’s mighty name, I pray.


For Success at Work or Business

4. Heavenly Father,

You are the source of all blessings and gifts,

Bless my boyfriend with health and happiness,

Bless him with wisdom.

Bless him with strength.

Bless him with a ‘never give up mindset grant him success in all that he does.

Grant him the grace of hard work.

Finally O God crown his effort with prosperity.


5. Heavenly Father,

You yourself showed us the importance of work by creating the world in six days when you could have easily done it all in one breath.

As my boyfriend follows in your footsteps as a co-creator and goes out to work today bless the work of his hands and grant him success.

In Jesus’s name, I pray.


6. God of all creation,

You set for us an example of the importance of working by not exempting your son Jesus Christ our savior from learning a trade from his earthly father Joseph.

As my boyfriend rises this day in the early hours of the morning to go and work. Grant him success in all that he has to do today.


7. O God,

You are our guide and provider,

Bless my boyfriend in his endeavors;

Provide him with every guidance and wisdom he needs to be successful at work today.


8. All Knowing God:

The Bible tells us that all our deepest desires are known to you.

Grant my boyfriend strength and wisdom as he works hard to fulfill his dreams for himself and his dreams for us.

Be by his side daily and grant him all that he needs to find success

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

9. O God, on this day I lift up my boyfriend to you.

Keep him safe as he comes and goes

Grant success to all he would do today. Amen

10. Father in heaven on this day I commit [Name]

Grant him a successful day ahead.

And be with him as he works/studies today.

Prayer Of Thanksgiving

11. Almighty and ever living God

I thank you for  the life of my boyfriend.

Please bless him with every good gifts

Guide is every  footsteps in your way and truth

Grant this  prayer  through Jesus our Lord.


12. Father in Heaven,

I thank you for the gift of my boyfriend.

I thank you for the happiness he brings to me.

I commit  both of us and our intention to be together to you.

May your will be done.

General Prayers

13. Dear Lord,

I want to commit my boyfriend into your hands.

I ask that you bless with good health of mind and body.

I asked that you bless him with intelligence and wisdom

I asked that you bless the work of his hands with accomplishment

I asked that you strengthen him  through the storms of this life whenever they arise.

Above all I asked that you keep faithful to your ways.

I make this prayer in Jesus’ name

14. God of all creation

On this day I lifted up my boyfriend to you in prayer.

 I asked that you bless him and prosper the work of his hands

I asked that you direct his ways so that all he does will be for the greater good  and pleasing in your sight.

I pray for our relationship together, may your will always be done in  it.


15. God of all good gifts

It has pleased you to send [ Name ] into my life.

I thank you for his  life

I asked that you bless him continually with good health of mind and body

I asked that you keep him safe from danger

I asked that you bless him as  works/studies 

I thank you for the happiness he brings me.

I place our relationship into your hands.


 16. Dear God,

Be with [Name ] on this day. 

 Keep him safe

Assist him with all he needs to get done

And after he is done maybe he abundantly rewarded 

O God bless my boyfriend today

Bless him with good health

Bless him with happiness

Bless him as works/studies

Bless him in good times

Bless him more in hard times.

Bless him always.


Prayer for our relationship

17. Heavenly Father, Bless our relationship, fill it with love and understanding, Through Christ our Lord, I pray. Amen.

I wish you success

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