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Hello! Welcome to my space on the internet. So you want to find out more about me?

That is great it means you value your time and who you choose to give it to which is a very wise thing to do. 

So, check me out below!

My name is Amaka Ugbomah and I am a clean Nigerian Romance fiction author and also a Blogger.

I am a huge fan of happily ever after stories. The first one I ever read was Cinderella as far back as primary school.

And since then I have had a passion for romance and love wherever I come across it. 

So from enjoying reading such stories I started to want to write my own.

 But few people especially at the time when I was a child ever thought writing could be something anyone could have as a job in particular.

So I buried the desire and went through school and university where I studied Physics.

But when you bury a dream or put it aside it keeps knocking at your door.

 So finally I answered the call after almost twenty-five years and I have begun writing my own romance stories.

Now another good reason why I finally started doing this is because the type of romance stories I love to read are for now a bit difficult to come by.

And by that, I mean clean and or Christian romance stories. Love stories without those details that I know may compromise my faith ( I am a Christian).

Now of such books that do exist it’s even much harder to find African and Cool Naija love Stories written in such genre.

So I have begun writing for myself and for those of us (maybe you?) who would prefer to read such Nigerian romance novels.

I am also hoping that other Christian and clean African and Nigerian authors( maybe you?) will come into the space as well and we can provide as many of such books/ novels for people who want to read a good love story without those extras. 

My interest in romance and love does not only exist in the world of fiction but also in real life hence the reason why this is also a relationship blog.

It’s nice to from time to time escape into a world where you can get read and get the outcome that you desire but it will even be better if what we experience in a make-believe world we can also get in real life.

I am a happily married wife (over ten years) and mother and I also plan to use this relationship blog to share tips on how to find and create a happily ever after here in the real world.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers but the little I know I will share.

And yes what I will share will have its background in my Christian belief.

So if these are the kinds of things that interest you as well then you are in the right place.

So once more welcome to my space enjoy the stories, romance fiction articles, single and married articles and may they help you to become a better version of yourself and build a better relationship with your significant other.