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Hello! Looking for some Nigerian Romance Novels to read? Well I have compiled a list of mine here. All in one place for you to check out. I write Clean Nigerian romance books. So books even people of faith can read.

The books are arranged according to the latest. Enjoy!

Nigerian Romance Novels

After years of waiting, Amy Maduka believes that it will never happen to her…

You know… love…

 So she chooses to move forward with her life, building a new dream and finding some measure of happiness and contentment in her newfound world. However, everything changes when the rich and handsome business tycoon, Obinna Dozie, walks into her life, and she finds herself falling fast and hard for him.

But the glimmer of hope for love that sparks in her heart quickly extinguishes when she realises that she cannot have him, nor should she desire to, because loving him comes at a cost she cannot and will not pay.

Now burdened with its dark and painful side she regrets ever longing for it. She now only wishes she can turn back time or escape. 

Unfortunately, she can’t, because the new life she has built with so much tears and care has become the very chain that binds her irrevocably to him.

For better or worse, she is now on a new journey that threatens not only to destroy her heart completely but also everything else she holds dear…

Obinna Dozie’s restless search for peace and closure over an unfulfilled promise he made seems to finally come to an end when he finds it with Amy Maduka. However, as he strives to keep his promise, a new burning ache, and desire arise within him for Amy herself. The problem? Amy wants nothing to do with him…

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Preview: Chapter One

As Amy Maduka typed away at her laptop, she occasionally raised her eyes to track the whereabouts of her four-year-old daughter, who, with her favourite doll in hand, was acting like a typical child confronted with unlimited space.

She resumed her work once she had sighted her. She was making good time, and at the rate at which she was going, she was going to have the job done before they touched down at their holiday destination, which was a good thing.

This was the first-ever holiday she was taking with her daughter, and she had been determined to set aside all distractions to enjoy it.

But then one of her regular clients had called two days ago, pleading that she take on her job urgently and that she was willing to pay double if necessary. Amy had felt sorry for her and, thinking also about the extra financial boost, agreed to it.

Her phone rang. “Lola, hi,” she said.

“Are you at the airport?” Lola asked.

“Yes, we are just waiting for our flight to be called.”

“Great! We can’t wait for both of you to arrive. We are going to have a blast!” Her friend went on and on for a while.

Amy smiled. “Have you guys settled in?”

“We have. Biodun took the kids down for a bit to look around. That is why you can’t hear them. The only thing missing is you.”

Lola, her best friend from her university days, worked for a tourism company and had organized this trip to Dubai.

“Well, we are on our way.”

Amy closed her laptop, slipped it into her bag, heaved the bag onto her shoulder, and got to her feet. She could see her daughter desperately wanted to do more exploring, so she had no choice but to begin to follow her around at this point.

“How is my goddaughter?” Lola asked.

“She can’t sit still. I have to follow her around.”

“Well, her holiday has begun. I hope you didn’t pack that laptop of yours?”

Amy smiled.

“Your silence convicts you,” Lola said. “Anyway, I am informing you now that I am going to seize it as soon as you get here.”

Amy laughed out loud. “I guess I will just have to make use of the little time I have left here and on the plane. Sofia!”

The girl had taken off in a burst of speed but braked sharply when she heard her name, then turned around to look at her with a huge smile.

“Lola, let me keep an eye on this girl, abeg.”

Lola laughed. “Ok, see you later.”


“I already told you to stay where I can see you. Where are you running off to?”

She was walking up to her when another tiny figure about the same size as her daughter hurtled into Sophia sending her sprawling flat on the floor.

Amy quickened her steps and, on reaching them, bent down and proceeded to untangle the pile of arms and legs.

“Ouch…” Sofia cried.

“Sorry, princess,” Amy said as she carefully but quickly pulled the other little girl off her daughter.


Amy quickly inspected her. She looked okay. Fortunately, the nice afro puffs her daughter had on her head had spared her any serious injury.

She turned to inspect the child that had careened into hers. Words of caution were already on the tip of her lips.

But they vanished due to shock because she was looking into the eyes of a child that was wearing her own daughter’s face.


She barely heard the person calling as she held onto the girl’s hand. She just stood solemnly looking up at her and even biting down on her lips just the way Sophia did.

“Are…you…ok?” Amy asked at last.

“I am…”

“Is she alright? Is something wrong?” The voice finally got through to her. And strong masculine arms scooped the girl from her.

“Are you alright, Sarah? See why I always tell you not to run?”

Amy looked at the man. Tall, dark, broad shoulders with glasses that complemented his look rather than took away from them.

He was dressed in a long sleeve shirt with a jacket on top paired with blue jeans and suede boots. A man of affluence no doubt, and a doting father from the way he was staring at the girl. His inspection of his daughter complete, he turned to look at her.

“I would like to apologise on her behalf. Is your child al-”

And just like her, he froze. Amy bent over and scooped Sophia into her arms and then turned to face him. Sophia, still obviously in a bit of discomfort, placed her head on her shoulder.

“Daddy, she looks just like Sarah.”

Amy’s focus shifted to the seven or eight-year-old that had joined them—a boy. And she immediately noticed the strong resemblance between him and the girls.

The boy spoke up again. “Daddy… does this mean Sarah has a twin sister?”


Amy continued to just look on because she was very confused and didn’t know what to think.

After a while, the man answered slowly, “I guess it does… in a way… good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon…” Amy managed to push the words past her dry lips.

The girls were now looking at each other with intense curiosity.

“My name is Obinna.”

“I am Amy…”

Nigerian Romance Novel

Zara has always known what the future held for her ever since she was a young teenager. It was just two things: life as a religious sister at the convent and her work with children.

So when she was asked to reconsider her choice for a while she was frustrated but determined that nothing will stop her. 

But as the time approaches for her to once more plead her case Chuka walks into her life and the road she had deliberately turned her back on because of her fear of what it could bring now called to her. Can she resist what her heart had secretly always yearned for?

Chuka is convinced his search for love has come to an end when he sets his eyes on Zara. So he is determined to win her at all costs but will the price to be paid be too high?

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Preview Chapter One

Blood spurted merrily out of the wound, making it look more serious than she actually suspected it was. She doubled the pad in her hand and applied it over the gash. Her task was made harder by the squirming, crying child who had the injury and the annoying wails from the impromptu assistant she had co-opted to help her.

“John, please hold him down. I need to bandage his head,” she said grimly.

“Madam, I no like blood! I no like blood!” John cried.

She wanted to yell at him to keep quiet and act like the adult he was supposed to be, but she kept her irritation at his whining in check. Why on earth would anyone apply to work as a security guard if they couldn’t stand the sight of a little blood? She wished she could dismiss him. After all, his cries were alarming her young charge. But there were just two of them left in the whole school alongside the frightened five-year-old who was kicking up quite a storm.

The accident had taken place just after her assistant had left. The boy’s driver was running late and boredom had taken over. He had been running from one end of the class to the other and had been on his third lap when he tripped over his loosened shoelaces which she had tied for him for the umpteenth time that day. He had hit his head against the edge of her desk.

Now, Segun was her most restless student. For every child she chastised for one offence, she probably called him ten more times. She had known that an incident was in the offing, but she had been expecting something along the lines of a scraped knee or elbow, definitely not a deep gash in the head which, despite her best efforts, was still bleeding heavily. The bandages were staining rapidly. She needed to take the child to the hospital. Wiping her hands against her skirt, she scooped the boy into her arms.

“Open the door. I need to take him to the hospital,” she said.

John, glad to be free of the job of playing nurse, rushed to the door. Leading the way, he opened all other doors until they got out into the open. He raced to her jalopy, opened the back door for her and she put Segun down, or rather tried to. The boy had coiled himself around her in a grip that would have made a boa constrictor proud.

Segun, baby I need to put you down because I need to drive,” she said to the child. His grip on her only tightened, and he sobbed louder.

“John, you would have to—” She made to hand over the boy to the security man, but he jumped away.

“Madam, no…no… I no fit.”

Angry and frustrated, she glared at the security guard who was looking like he would pass out if he so much as touched the boy again. She knew that he couldn’t drive, so that left her with only one option—a taxi. She debated briefly with herself whether calling up one using her taxi app was a better option than carrying the child out to the main road and flagging one down. She decided on the latter. The road would be moderately busy at this time; it should be faster to get one that way.

“Open the main gate for me,” she instructed. Outside, she stood for a few seconds; the entire place was unusually deserted save for an empty vehicle parked across the road. She hoped the quiet spell would not last for long. Fortunately, it didn’t. And she watched with relief as a fleet of cars began making their way down the road.

She stepped up a little closer to its edge and desperately began flagging taxis. Then she turned to any vehicle, but no one stopped. Frustrated, she was about to go back in and force John to man up when she noticed a tall figure rise from the other side of the car across the road …

The tire was definitely losing air. But it could be managed to the office…

“Excuse me, please …”

Chuka turned. Two pools of the most beautiful light-brown eyes he had ever seen met and held his gaze. For some seconds, he was stunned and literally felt and heard his heart go on overdrive. Framing those spectacular eyes was a nearly perfect oval face. She had high cheekbones, a well-rounded nose, full lips—as is normal for most African women. Her warm light brown skin glowed softly under the mellowed rays of a sun trying to shine at full strength after the rain that had fallen earlier in the day.

He wanted to investigate further—lower —when the sobbing mass she held in her arms broke his concentration. His training took over immediately.

“What happened?” He asked as he moved closer to inspect the whimpering child. Though his mind was now focused on the emergency, his awareness of her was intensifying by the minute. She smelt good, and it wasn’t from perfume. The smell was probably just soap combined with her natural scent. It was…nice. He shook his head slightly.

“He tripped and cut his head on the edge of a table,” she said.

And what a voice. Chuka swallowed. Clearing his throat, he nodded. “Let me see.”

She hesitated. “I don’t think that is wise. It is really—”

“Please, trust me,” he said.

She hesitated briefly before removing her hand from the troubled spot.

The bandage work was impressive, but it was already very stained, an indication that the wound was still bleeding heavily. He lifted her free hand and could swear that his heart skipped a beat at the contact. Focus, he told himself. There will be time to analyse this sudden madness…

Nigerian Romance Novels

Attending the wedding of the man she had secretly crushed over and hoped she would one day marry was not an easy thing to do especially during Christmas, her favourite season of the year.

But Tolulope Ajayi knew and understood the importance of duty and standing by a friend.

However, it did mean that finding love was now at the very bottom of her wish list. Now she had only one thing in mind and that was to focus on her career and business goals.

But when she crosses paths with business mogul Chuma Orji on the wedding day, love seems to want to find its way back to the top of the wish list.

But her heart must be wrong since at a glance she could tell that he was everything that she didn’t want in a husband…

Though his immediate plans for his personal life did not include getting married anytime soon. Chuma was pretty sure he knew what kind of woman would eventually be at his side.

She would be taken from among his family elite circle of friends and acquaintances. Anywhere else was unthinkable, foolish, and above all dangerous.

So why was he finding not in his league, stubborn, highly opinionated Tolu more fascinating than any woman of his kind he had ever met?

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Preview Chapter One

It was tough watching the man she secretly had a crush on for so many years get married to someone else. But there was nothing she could do but be supportive. To be fair Biodun had never once loved her and though she had had a lot of doubts about his bride Chioma initially, it looked like he had made the right choice.

There was no denying the unmistakable look of love and happiness in their eyes whenever they looked at each other.

That was the only thing that was making this occasion bearable. But if he wasn’t the one for her, where was her own man? She sighed.

“Are you alright?” Kehinde asked.

She nodded. Both she and he were former classmates and friends of the groom. He had been aware of her feelings on some level and she appreciated his concern.

She smiled gratefully at him. “I am fine, a bit tired of sitting but afraid to stand,” she said as she looked down at her feet, encased in stilettos she rarely ever wore.

He grinned. “Sorry,” he said.

“No problem.” She was more comfortable in flat shoes. But they didn’t quite cut it for celebratory occasions. So she didn’t have much of a choice. Thankfully the occasion was almost over with the “wine carrying” ceremony just concluded. But sitting in one place for too long was also not her greatest strength.

So a few minutes later, when people had begun hitting the dance floor with the bride and groom, she got to her feet. Teetering precariously she managed to find a pace that helped to propel her safely out the massive wedding tent under which the wedding was holding.

The world outside was no less beautiful, only it was more natural. Enugu state was all hills and valleys, very much like her own native state of Ekiti. This was her first-ever trip to the Eastern part of Nigeria and she liked what she was seeing. Evening was fast approaching, the sun was already being chased away by the dry and cold harmattan haze. It was, after all, Christmas eve.

Christmas, her favourite time of the year even though this one was probably not going to go down as the best. There was nothing joyous about watching the man you hoped to be sharing many Christmases with walk out of your life permanently. But then, Christmas was the season of hope. Out in the world somewhere, her man…

“Excuse me, ma?”

A waitress, carrying a tray with drinks, wanted to gain access to the tent. While she had consciously stepped away from the entrance, the usher clearly needed more room to get in.

So Tolu took another step to the side. Unfortunately, it was an unbalanced one, her foot twisted underneath her and she grasped at the nearest thing to keep her from falling, which happened to be a heavy necklace lying on top of a thick wall of chest.

Of course, the necklace was not designed to manage her weight so it broke. Her descent to the floor was, however, halted by the hand of the owner of the chest.

She took a few short recuperatory breaths. As she did, her eyes focused on the hand that was holding her hand. It was huge, dark chocolate in colour and attached to it were fingers and nails of a natural pale pink colour of which many women would be envious of and it had on it a matching bracelet and black glowing wristwatch. The owner, definitely a person of authority.

She raised her eyes to look at him and her heartbeat which looked to have settled down after all the initial excitement picked up the pace again. He was the finest man she had ever seen.

It took her a few more seconds to realize that his other hand was around her waist…

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