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Chapter One

Chioma stood some distance away from the crowd that was currently mobbing the notice board. She had no desire to push or be pushed around; perhaps she should just wait or even go home and come back later when there were fewer people. But she knew that could take a while; days even.

“Isn’t the list out yet?” Her brother had asked over dinner yesterday.

And that had been the only reason why, for the first time in a very long while, the entire household had stopped focusing on everyone else to look at her.

“Yes, it is. I will go to the school to check tomorrow,” she’d answered.

That being said, the family had resumed the discussion about her younger sister’s upcoming graduation without missing a beat.

She was used to being swept aside but she hadn’t minded in this case. If she was going to be the centre of a family discussion the subject of school was the worst possible choice of topic.

She had known for about a week now that the admission list was out but she had not had the courage to go and check.

Well, there was no escaping it today. Taking a deep breath, she eventually plunged into the crowd and after a bit of pushing and shoving finally found herself in front of the board and began to scan it for her name.

Her first parse revealed nothing. Her breathing became shallower as she felt her chest tighten. Her eyes became blurry as she checked, again and again. No luck. She hadn’t made it. Again.

Without knowing how she quickly found herself outside the crowd. Hot tears were now cascading down her face. She was also beginning to struggle to breathe; she knew what was coming.

As she walked away, she frantically began to search her bag for her inhaler but it wasn’t there. She had forgotten it at home!

Desperately she looked around. She needed to find a pharmacy really quickly. But she didn’t know her way around the school.

She spun in a circle confused about what to do and where to go as she began to cough.

Her priority changed; walking around especially aimlessly would only make it worse. She spied one of the many public sitting areas a few meters away.

She made her way to it and collapsed into a seat. Now if only she could find someone to help her.

“Excuse me, are you alright?”


He hadn’t expected to find her again so easily given the size of the school. But he had decided to try his luck by walking back toward the location where he had first seen her.

He couldn’t exactly say what about her had piqued his interest. But the minute he had seen her get down from a taxi something had stirred in him. There was this gentle demeanour about her that had drawn him in instantly and he hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind.

But finding her like this was unexpected and alarming.

“What do you need?” he asked, “water?”

She shook her head and using one hand to beat her chest as the cough racked harder through her she used the other to go through her bag until she brought out her debit card and handed it to him.

“I need…an asthma inhaler…please.”

He hesitated to take the card off her. “Don’t you have cash?”

“Not … enough…”

It seems he had no choice. “Ok, I will need your pin please.”

She gave it to him and he dropped his bag beside her and went off in search of the nearest pharmacy.

He got the medication and tried to make the payment with the card.

But the payment failed and he tried again but still no luck. Panicking he took out his wallet and pulled the last few notes he had.

There was enough but it meant he may need to walk some distance to get home. No big deal.

He raced back and gave it to her and stood and watched as she used it. Ten to fifteen minutes later he could see that it was working as she was looking better and the cough was easing off.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome, do you need anything else?” He asked as he handed her card back to her.

She shook her head. “I just need to sit here for a while.”

Technically his work here was done; he really needed to get going especially now that he didn’t have enough money to reach his final destination but he didn’t.

For some reason, he wanted to spend more time with her; then there was the fact even though she was looking much better she still looked very upset.

He watched her clutch and unclutch her inhaler in the palm of her hands and he could see that she was trying to keep herself from crying.

“Are you sure you are alright?” He asked.

She blinked and looked at him. She had actually forgotten he was still there. Something was bothering her and it was something big.

“Oh, I am fine now; thank you very much for your help. You can leave now.”

He picked up his bag. “Ok, bye.”

“Bye, bye.”

He took a few reluctant steps away then found himself slowing down. This was crazy but he wanted to ensure he would see her again.

The school was big; there was the possibility that that might just not happen. He got lucky a second time it will be foolish to leave things to chance again. He needed to at least find out what course she was studying.

So, he turned back. “I was wondering what department you are in? So, I can check on you later?” Please don’t refuse to tell me.

“I… am… not a student here…”

“Oh…” He quickly put two and two together. “You came to check the admission list,” he said.

She nodded. Oh no, now the cause of her distress was clear. He definitely was not going to be seeing her again. But that notion was not as painful as the turmoil he knew she was going through.

“Are you sure you checked the list properly?” He found himself saying, “I mean there are a lot of names on it. It’s possible you skipped yours…”

“I did.”

“I would like to go and check again for you,” he said.



Biodun that’s kind of you but my name is not going to suddenly appear on the list.”

“I know, but a second eye on anything is always a good thing. I’ll be right back.’’

Leaving his bag again beside her he went to check. The crowd had reduced significantly so he found himself in no time in front of the board as he scanned carefully, his mind was already planning.

If her name really wasn’t on the list what could he do to ensure that he got to see her again? Perhaps there was also some way he could assist her to get in the next session but he fervently prayed her name was there.

He got to the end but didn’t see her name. He turned around to the other side of the board. There was a single sheet of paper pinned to it that looked as if it had been added there like an afterthought. On it, were four names with hers second to the last.

He looked long and hard at the paper he needed to be absolutely sure. He’d committed her full name to memory when she had given him her debit card and it was her name!

Now she probably would have found out a bit later when formal letters would have been sent out but he knew she would prefer the news now.

Biodun hurried back. “Your name is on the list.”

She looked at him in confusion. “What?”

“I said your name is on the list. Come and see for yourself.”

“I checked… I mean-”

“Just come.”

She got to her feet and they went back to the board. He took her around to the back and pointed.

“I didn’t know… there was a list here…”

“Can you see it? That’s your name, right?”

“It is…I made it…I actually made it…” and she buried her face in her hands. And even when she looked up at it again, she was still neither laughing nor smiling.

Her reaction to what was clearly good news was the oddest he had ever seen.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I am…I… this is my seventh attempt.


Chapter Two

“What is it?”

She had decided to stop by at her father’s office to inform him of the good news.

“Daddy I have been admitted,” Chioma said. Her father who had barely raised his head to acknowledge her when she had entered into his office stopped what he was doing to look at her.

“Finally. What course did you eventually apply for again?

“Chemistry sir…”

He snorted. “Sad that you couldn’t handle engineering like your other siblings or medicine but ok fine. Let me know how much you need for school by tomorrow evening.”

“Yes sir,” she answered and turned to leave.



“If you make a mess of this that’s it. I am not going to waste any more money on you.”

“Yes sir.”

She shut the door behind her. Her father’s treatment was not unexpected. But she wished he had at least congratulated her or wished her luck or said anything nice. But she guessed after that many attempts any parent would have the same reaction.

“Good evening Chioma.” Lost in thought she hadn’t noticed her father’s workers as she walked out to the front of the family garage.

She returned their greeting. Her phone rang then. She slipped it out of her bag and answered. “Yes, Mummy?”

“Where are you? Have you been to the market yet?”

“No, I am heading there now. I had to stop by the school.”

“School? What school?”

Her mother had completely forgotten. “I went to school to check the admission list.”

“Oh, ok and?”

“I made it.”

She sighed with relief. “Finally, have you told your father?”


“Make sure you apply yourself. Your father is fed up and so am I.”

“Yes, Mummy.”

“Now I want to add to your market list; I will be coming back late from my hospital shift…”

And she rattled on and Chioma took notes. She then hailed a cab.

Once in the taxi, she brought out her phone to make the necessary adjustment to her market list. It was then she noticed the extra debit on her account.

She looked at it in dismay. So, it turned out that her good Samaritan wasn’t so good after all, he had taken money from her account for himself!

Not that she had had much of a choice. No wonder he had hung around and been so nice to her! It was a pity he had looked like such a nice person. Anyway, she will just consider it as payment for a service rendered and be thankful that he hadn’t taken more.

His phone alarm did its job and in as much as he was tempted to sleep an extra thirty minutes because his feet were complaining about the extra kilometres they had been made to walk the day before, he knew he had to get up. He didn’t have much of a choice, he had to start job hunting today.

Thankfully because he had won a scholarship his fees were going to be fully paid for. However, he still had his grandma and the school fees of his younger brother and sister to think of. He did have a small online business going but it wasn’t providing enough to cover all expenses.

Tired but in high spirits he rose and folded the wrapper he had spread on the floor to sleep. Hostels will soon be opened but until then a friend had generously allowed him to put up with him in his tiny one-room apartment.

He got up and went to have his bath in the communal bathroom. As he got dressed a piece of paper fell out from his pocket. He bent down to pick it up. It was the receipt of the medication he had purchased for Chioma yesterday. He smiled.

“See smile….na you babe picture?”

Biodun turned to look at his friend who now sat up on his bed with a grin on his face. “No, just a piece of paper,” he said as he put the receipt back into his pocket.

“A girl’s number then?”


“Na girl matter sha,” his friend said and laid back down on the bed, after all, it was just past five in the morning.

Biodun chose not to answer. He simply opened the door and stepped out once more into the cold harmattan air and took a deep breath. No, he didn’t have her number but surely, he would run into her again since they were attending the same school and he knew her department.

Resumption was a week away; he could wait for a week though he wished he could see her again today, however, that definitely was not going to be happening. How lucky can one get in twenty-four hours? So, he shifted his thoughts to the main task at hand.

The day was rough. He went to several places looking for a weekend job but couldn’t find any. As he was about to call it in for the day. He got a referral. Glancing at his phone he figured he had just enough time to stop there before heading back to his friend’s place for the night.

The garage was huge and a beehive of activity and he almost turned back figuring they probably would not want someone who could just work weekends. But then he changed his mind even if they couldn’t take him, they may be able to tell him where else he could try.

He asked to see the man in charge and he was directed to a small inner office. The foreman there grilled him and to his pleasant surprise was willing to accept him on a part-time basis, stating that their busiest time was over the weekends so an extra pair of hands to do the work on such days was ideal.

Happily, Biodun stepped out of the office though his entire body and feet were screaming from exhaustion he had met his goal. He navigated himself around the heavy machinery and vehicles and went outside.

And there, right in front of him was Chioma. He could scarcely believe his eyes. Third time lucky in a space of twenty-four hours too. What were the chances? She was smartly dressed in a pair of jeans and top and looked like she was waiting for someone.

He took a quick glance at himself; the day had really been tough on him but he wasn’t going to let that keep him from saying hello. After all, this surely must be a sign.

He tried to straighten his shirt as best he could and he walked up to her and said, “Hello.”

Chapter Three

Having been the one at home for such a long time Chioma had become the de facto errand person of the house. So today her father had called and asked her to bring in some documents to him at the office despite the fact that her younger sister was now home and available at least for now.

When she had asked her for her help to get them across to their dad since she was busy helping sort details for her graduation party later in the night her sister had come up with some flimsy excuse not to do it.

Of course, she had been angry but had decided not to say anything since after all, it was her, her father had asked. But this late addition to her already busy schedule had significantly disrupted her day in which as usual she had been doing things for everyone else but herself.

She had been hoping to get to school to start some of the admission processes but it was now too late. There wasn’t anything else she could do now but head home since her sister’s party was about to get underway.


She turned and froze when she saw who it was and then took a step back clutching her bag tightly. He on the other hand stood where he was and looked quite taken aback at her reaction.

“Remember me? The guy from yesterday in school?”

“Of course, I remember you. Why are you here! Are you following me?”

His eyes widened and he looked genuinely confused. A thief and an excellent actor apparently.

“Following you? No… I just happen to be here by chance…why would you think that I am following you?”

“Perhaps, hoping you can steal more money from me?”

“What? I don’t know what you are talking about and I am not following you around I came here for a job interview-”

Job interview? She hoped they didn’t give him a job. She couldn’t let this guy work in her father’s garage. He will empty the place!

“A job here? Forget it! You are not getting any job here I will personally see to that. Now leave before I start screaming.”

“What is all this about? I don’t understand what is going on?” He really looked genuinely confused. But she wasn’t falling for it.

“Didn’t you hear me? Just leave now! Otherwise, I will tell everyone around here what you did. You took advantage of my illness to steal from me!”

“I didn’t-”

“Look, I am only allowing you to go because you saved my life. But you have to leave now and don’t come back here or follow me ever again!”


“Thief! Ole!”

Ok, please don’t shout I am going.” And without so much as a backward glance at her, he left.

A worker stepped out of the garage. “Miss, are you ok? I thought I heard a shout?”

“No, no everything is fine…”

The worker shrugged and went back into the garage. She turned again to see how far he had gone but he had already disappeared into the evening Lagos crowd.

The taxi she’d been waiting for arrived and she slid gratefully into it. As it drove off, she turned back again to check behind them but there was no sign of him. She breathed a sigh of relief.

But she was still worried. How had he tracked her all the way to her father’s garage? It was scary. She really should never have parted with her card yesterday but she had had no choice. As soon as she had gotten home, she had changed her password.

But there was still a problem. They were both attending the same school, surely, they would run into each other? What if he decided to bother or worse, harass her? Had she made a mistake letting him go? She should tell her parents and through them get the police involved. But she was reluctant to do that. It will look like she hadn’t even started school and already there are issues. Besides, he had helped her. She decided not to do anything. Hopefully, this was the last she will ever see of him.

She got back home and temporarily forgot about him because of her sister’s party. It was her second one since she had already had one at her school and having graduated with a second class upper degree their parents were not saying no to anything she wanted.

The party lasted late crossing into the early hours of the next day. Burnt out, Chioma was happy to crawl into her bed when it was at last over. The sad part was that she still needed to get up early to go to school to finish up her admission process. Normally an early riser, she decided to create a wake-up call on her phone as an added measure given how tired she was, she felt she just might oversleep.

After setting it she scanned her phone idly for messages. One caught her eyes and promptly cleared the sleep from them and she sat up.

‘Transaction Reversal’ the message read. Dismay and horror overtook her as she made sense of what she was reading.

Oh, my goodness does this mean that I have falsely accused him? Actually, it was much worse as they were two of such messages which meant he had actually paid for her medication with his own money.

“No, I am sorry this position is full time.”

“I understand,” Biodun replied, “thank you.” He got up and left the interviewer’s office tired and frustrated. He checked the time. It was past five in the evening; this had been his last opportunity for the day and the week. With school resuming next week there will be barely enough time to go job hunting and of course, weekends weren’t the best time for that either. He exited the building and began walking towards the bus stop.

The week that had started so promisingly was ending on a very sour note. He was used to hardship; having been orphaned early in life he had quickly developed a tough skin and mind in dealing with life’s challenges. He was determined to change the cards that had been dealt to him and his siblings and he wanted his grandmother to get to put up her feet and enjoy life a bit before God called her.

But the bulk of the frustration he was feeling now had more to do with his heart than his mind. As he walked, he found himself replaying yesterday’s incident in his head and again, as usual, he had come up empty as to why she had treated him in such a terrible manner.

He had been so down about it that when his friend had asked him why he was moody he had narrated the entire incident to him and his reply had been that it was because she was from a rich home and she was probably embarrassed to have been seen with him.

While he disliked his friend’s take on the matter, he had to admit to himself that it was probably true. And while he also felt humiliated, he was still inexplicably more sad than angry.

He was almost at the bus stop when his phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Yes? Who am I speaking with?”

“Is this Biodun?”

He stopped walking. He would recognise that voice anywhere.

“Yes?” He replied cautiously wondering how she had gotten his number.

“It’s Chioma, the girl you helped at the university…”

“Yes?” His voice was rougher than necessary. Ok, he was angrier than he realised.

“I… I want to apologise for what happened yesterday…I mean how I treated you…you see there were extra debits in my bank account so I thought you had taken some money from it but they were actually failed transactions and the money got reversed back into my account… I am sorry.”

“I see…”

“I am sorry.”

“No worries.”

He heard her sigh with relief at the other end. She really sounded like she felt bad about the entire episode which was good.

Ok, about the job-”

“It’s ok I don’t want it anymore.” That was his pride talking now he knew but he couldn’t help himself.

“But why? Have you gotten another one?”

He hesitated undecided for a second whether to lie or say the truth. “Well, I am looking at some other options now.”

“Oh…ok then. I am sorry again.”

“It’s fine.”


She hung up. As he continued on his way his heart was heavier than it was earlier. I really like her, he realized. Then why had he done such a dumb thing as refuse a situation where he could get to see her and know her better?

Well, he figured she must have told everyone who cared to listen about the guy who stole from her already. And while she could attempt to fix that impression it will not go away easily and besides, he looked down at his faded jeans and tired footwear. It was probably better he stayed in his ‘lane.’

Chapter Four

Chioma stood a few feet away from the classroom exit and watched as the crowd of students spilled out of the huge hall. This was her fourth day trying to find him. First years in every faculty took a lot of classes together so they were quite a lot of people.

There were four exits and she had stood at the other three the other days without any luck. Then she saw him, casually dressed in a simple shirt and faded jeans but looking neat and tidy.

He was in a conversation with someone as he exited the hall. Taking a deep breath, she walked up to him. Deeply engrossed in what he was saying he didn’t notice her immediately.

“So, no luck?”

“None so far and now that classes have started it’s harder to go out and search,” Biodun said.

“I will help you ask around again,”

“Thank you.”

As she was about to announce her presence, she got a shove from someone and she stumbled and she fell into his arms.

“Sorry. Are you alright? You…” he said.

She looked up at him and for a few seconds, the entire world seemed to stand still. She could hear her heart beating through her ears and she felt something she couldn’t explain.

“I am fine.” She managed to say at last. And realising that she was still in his arms she pulled away.



“Sorry somebody pushed me…”

He adjusted his backpack which had slipped off his shoulder when she had bumped into him.

“That’s fine, are you looking for someone here?”

“Well, you actually.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Well, it’s about the money-”

“What? Not that again! Look I never took a kobo from your account! Why not just go to the bank and have them check your account for you? I don’t want any trouble please.”

“No… It’s Nothing like that-”

“Then why are you here? Like I said I don’t want any trouble I can’t afford to lose this admission again.”

He looked genuinely worried and a bit afraid.

“Admission? Why on earth will you think I would want you to lose your admission?”

“You called me a thief and screamed for help in the middle of Lagos in broad daylight. Do you know what that can do to someone?

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