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No Money Valentine’s Day Ideas

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So Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to do something nice and sweet for your significant other.

You not only want to tell them but you want to show them how much you feel about them.

But there is one major obstacle you have no money.

If this is you right now you’re probably sad or worried about it. Otherwise, you will not be here looking for a solution.

Well, I’m here to tell you that having no money does not mean you cannot celebrate a great Valentine’s Day.

Now If you have the means to buy him something then check out my valentine gifts ideas for him post here. You will find ideas as low as N2000 which you can consider.

Now let’s continue. Ever heard the saying that the best things in life are free? Well, I subscribe heavily to that school of thought. Because in my own opinion it is the truth.

Obviously, I am not saying that you can’t use money as a way to show affection definitely you can but the things that really touch people and they remember it for a lifetime are actually free.

Let me give you a quick example before we move into some of the ways you can show love this valentine’s season for free.

A while ago I came across a social media post about grieving. And the post in question was from a man who said that one of the most memorable times of his entire life was when he lost his father and his girlfriend in a private moment was by his side and just held his hand.

All the while he had been trying to be a brave soul; trying to take it like a man so to speak.
But in her presence and actually badly needing to be comforted he broke down and cried.

She didn’t tell him sorry she just sat beside him and held his hand.

He needed to let it all out and she was there and her silent presence and hand-holding were all that he had needed.

He said it was something that he will never ever forget in his lifetime.

Shoes, bags, cars, phones they all come and go but some moments like the one I have just described with you stay with you for a lifetime.

So sure this year you don’t have money to financially boost your valentine’s day.

But you can come up with something that is virtually free and will stay with the person for the rest of their life.

So ready to try out some no money valentine ideas? And make it spectacular?

Ok, let’s see if we can get you to make some enduring Valentine’s day memories without breaking the bank.

So what I have down here is just some ideas feel free to think outside the box and enhanced them or maybe it will simply spark something else you can try. Since you are out of cash creativity is what you need.

No Money Valentine Ideas

Have a picnic indoors:

You can try this in the evening or even if you want to do this during the day you can simply draw the curtains to make the place have a more romantic feel.

Spread a blanket on the floor and set up a meal. You can add some candles, and or borrow some Christmas lights to light up the place for effect, add some soft music and there you go!

You’re on your way to making a night or day that we last in memory for a very long while.

Do something unexpected for them

Example: Wash his car! Chances are that your husband will be pretty much blown away if he comes out and sees you doing something like that.

Sure maybe there’s usually somebody in the house who does it on a good day or he maybe he deals with it by taking it to the car wash but seeing you do it and telling him that you’re doing it because you just want to show him how you feel especially today is sure to warm him up

As I said the above is just an example. So give it a go sit down and write a list of things that you can do for your significant other that will be unexpected and catch them completely by surprise.

Go for a Romantic Walk

One of the sweetest memories I made when I was dating my husband were the walks we took beside the lagoon front when we were both students at the University.

Simple free but very effective. Take a walk together hand in hand.

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Watch a movie or series

Most couples have things like this in common. If there’s no money to go anywhere pick a movie or a series that you both enjoy; grab a meal and a blanket or wrapper and cuddle up and watch.

No money Valentine ideas

Play Games

How does a no social media no phone day sound? Just you and him. Wonderful right? This may require doing a bit of planning but it will be well worth the effort in the end if both of you are avid gamers.

Go online and look for a couple of couple games you can try out together. It could be the more popular stuff like board games or you can try something else that you haven’t done before.

All you need do is to go online and Google games for couples and you will see an avalanche of suggestions for you to try.


Again Google or YouTube is your friend for this. Draw up a list of dance moves or dances from other countries and commit a few hours to try to learn them together.

Fun for the both of you if you’re both dancers and still fun and for the both of you if you can’t but have been meaning to learn.

Take a bath together.

At times life doesn’t allow for simple powerful bonding things like this. So if you and your spouse haven’t done this in a while. This is definitely worth a shot.

If you have a bathtub fill it up or just shower that’s fine as well.

Try singing

Put on a show for your significant other. Make a collection of the songs you were listening to when you first fell in love. Or the songs you think best describe how you feel and sing to them.

Take this seriously and put in some private rehearsal time!

Or if you are too worried about how you will sound to them create the playlist and tell them that these songs express how you feel about them. But I believe strongly that hearing you try will be more appreciated.

Write a love letter

For this to be effective I will suggest that you do it over a couple of days long before Valentine’s day gets here.

This will enable you to do some deep thinking and soul searching and you will put down words that will touch their heart in a special way.

Now they don’t have to be poetic or grammatically powerful.

They just have to convey exactly how you feel about them.

You can also try this in video format and see how it goes.

And there you have it. Some no-money valentine’s day ideas you can try out.

Now, a lot of what is being listed here can be combined so your day is nice and full.

So go out there create a simple plan and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh yes, and from me: Happy Valentine’s Day!


I didn’t think I should add this but I’ve decided to add it anyway some of the ideas really should be for married couples only.

My space is a Christian space so please if you are single simply pick out what you know is alright.

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