Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria
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Valentine Gift Ideas For Him in Nigeria (2024)

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So you have found your way here. Very good. First, of all, I want to congratulate you on doing this.

That is for looking for something to actually buy for the love of your life on Valentine’s Day!

A lot of ladies think that gifting is something that only men should do.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

Men I have been assured by both my husband and my four brothers do enjoy receiving gifts just like we women do.

Love always flows both ways and so definitely if you have the means you should be going out there and purchasing things for the man in your life.

But even if you don’t have money to get him anything there are still amazing ways you can have a Valentine’s Day with him that he will never forget. Check out my blog post: No money valentine day ideas here.

So I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him in Nigeria.

I mean these are things you can get here locally and online. I am also going the extra mile of showing where you can get some of these gifts

Now the links here are affiliate links which means that if you choose to buy whatever suggestion I put up using them I will get a commission out of it at no extra cost to you.

Now I tried to compile a list of both high, low and reasonable priced items. So hopefully you will find something here that works for you or at the very least it will spark ideas of what you can get for him since all men are unique and nobody can know your man better than you.

Right let’s do this

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Shoes (Formal)

Every man needs at least a pair of nice office or outing shoes.

Even if he doesn’t work in an office occasionally they will be formal events in which he will need to look the part. So having a pair is always a good decision.

The only real thing you need to know is to have his shoe size at hand so please do double-check the size of his feet before you pick a pair.


Sneakers/canvas are always a very good or great idea for gifting simply because they can be worn almost anywhere and have multiple uses jogging/ sports to name a few.

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria
Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Does your man love music? Does he for example always carry his phone to the bathroom so he can keep listening to it while you worry that one day it will end up down the toilet or in the bathtub or the sink filled with water?

Consider getting him something that is definitely louder than the phone and can be heard from quite a good distance while he goes about his business in the home.

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Laptop Table

If your man owns a laptop. This is definitely a great idea to look into. Especially one that can function on the bed whether it is a mattress on the floor or a raised bed.

Occasionally he may just want to be a bit more relaxed while working and not necessarily work from his home office and obviously it can double as a meal tray as well and you can use it too!


Another very good gift idea. It’s difficult to find a man that doesn’t have one or does not need one. And you can get some below N2000.

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria
Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Palm Slippers

Another item I believe should be in every Nigerian man’s wardrobe in my opinion. There will always be family or friends traditional events that he will need to be a part of and of course, they still can be used well for almost any other occasion including just a good old fashion walk to the kiosk to buy something. And as usual with anything footwear be mindful of the size.

Shaving / Barbing Kit

Again you’ll be hard-pressed to find a man who doesn’t need a shaving kit. And thankfully you can get some for below N2000

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Beard Grooming

His your man a member of the beard gang? Then a beard grooming kit may be just what you need to make him happy on this special day. It takes quite a bit of effort to maintain a beard that enhances that look that you like. So consider contributing to his effort by getting a beard grooming kit.

Power Bank

Hopefully, our power challenges will someday be a thing of the past but until then a power bank is a very handy thing to gift your man. Especially if you leave in an area where power is very poor or for example he does fieldwork which requires him to be away from a constant source of power supply.

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Pay Cable subscription for him

We are currently right in the middle of the football season. If your man is into football you can offer to pay a subscription for a month or two. He will love you more for it!

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Football Jersey

Another great alternative for a football-loving man. I had to cross-check with my hubby on this and he said yes it’s a good idea! Just make sure it’s adult size and of course that it’s the club he supports.

Boxers/ Briefs

Men need quality underwear just as much as we do. I like this gift because it’s a very personal one. From N3500 up you can get something.
Additional information: you may want to take note that there’s a difference between boxer shorts and boxer briefs. So be sure to know which one your man likes before you buy.

Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria
Valentine gift ideas for him in Nigeria

Buy him fabric(Ankara)

This works very well as well. You may struggle with picking a shirt or pair of trousers because of size concerns but by just buying a fabric you eliminate that potential problem.

Gift Cards

If your unsure of what to get him or you want him to be able to have the flexible of choice consider purchasing him a gift card. A gift card is a card that comes preloaded with cash from selected retail stores or online platforms that provide a specific product or service. With the card your significant other can then make use of the service or buy a product or products from the place offering the gift card.

So for example if your man is a movie lover a cinema gift card that permits him to go in an watch a movie of his choice when he want to would make a nice gift. Use the link below to check out some the type of gift cards you purchase.

So that’s it for things we can do here in Nigeria know what if you want to do something really bigger? Something you can both enjoy together?

This may actually require that you join forces with him to do it. He might have already asked you to look around and yes I’m talking about valentine holiday packages

A full-scale getaway just you and him for a few days.

If this is what you actually have in mind do check out some of the ones I have below

Vacation Packages

The starry nights and glorious sunrises of Qatar awaits you!

Whatever way or means you choose to celebrate with him I wish you both a happy Val’s day


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