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So you are an okada book rider vroom, vroom ! Yes? Or is that supposed to be reader? Anyway, welcome to my space. My name is Amaka and I am a Bestselling Nigerian Clean Romance fiction author on the okada book platform.

As you know the platform is huge with many books so I decided to create this post so you can easily find a list of my books on it. I will be updated it every time I have a new book. So be sure to bookmark this page and come back from time to time to check if there is anything new. Typically I try to release a new book every quarter of the year.

okada book stories

Some of the stories are free others offer you a few free chapters just so you can decide first of all if it’s something you will enjoy. I want you my fan or future fan to be happy when you get a book for me.

So let me list them out for you now.  The blue links below will take you straight to the Okada books platform where you can find out more and of course, get the book.

Tessy Time (free)  – Short Story

Tessy has a love time-bound decision to make …

Get Tessy’s time here.

Okada Books  Stories  Tessy's Time
Tessy’s Time

Above Average Love (free)  – Novella

She is rich, he is poor can things work out? (university story)

Get Above Average Love here

Above Average Love

Trust In Love ( A sequel to Above Average Love and also A Christmas Story- free sample chapters)

They have every reason to dislike each other. But can they fight love?

Start Trust in Love free chapters here

Trust In Love

Chasing Love (Free Sample chapters)

Can the chasee become the chaser?

Start Chasing Love free chapters here

Okada Books Stories-Tessy's Time

So there you have it a collection of my free books on Okadabooks and the paid ones as well.

Happy Riding!

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