where to read Nigerian romance stories
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Where to Read Nigerian Romance Stories

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Several years ago you probably had to satisfy your desire for romance, love and happily ever afters stories by reading foreign romance novels. But fast forward to today and all that has changed. 

Nigerians have started telling beautiful and amazing love stories that are well within your reach. All you need is a phone and a little data and you are good to go. 

There only question left to answer is where to find them? And I have that all fixed for you! 

 Below is a list of sites where you can satisfy your passion for reading not only romance stories but Nigerian Romance stories.

Stories you can enjoy in a unique way because they are written about us by us. So without much further ado here is the list.

Where to Read Nigerian Romance stories

My Book Store Nneamaka Ugbomah

I am author of Clean Nigerian Romance Novels. All my books so far have consistently hit the bestseller list on the okadabooks platform and they are clean so anyone into romance can read them. So if your a romance fan you can go on and check them out.


Ebony story is a beautiful story site ran by Nigerians that provides not only Nigerian Romance stories but all kinds of other stories.  

So if you do enjoy other genres such as action, horror and adventure you will find yourself right at home there. 

The site also takes things a step further by categorising their stories not only by genre but also by tribe and country.

So you can find stories centred around the three major Nigerian Tribes i.e Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

 You can also find stories from other African countries which is fantastic and the icing on the cake after all this still? 

All stories on the site are completely free to read at least for now no sign up required. So go and have a look and you are sure to find something you like.   

 Note If you are particular about Nigerian Christian romance stories you can start your search using this link:



Wattpad is a global story site that started out largely as a place for writers in training or for established writers to showcase their work. But no surprise it quickly grew into a massive place for readers to find stories to read.

  Nigerians write and read a lot so yes, on Wattpad you will find a section dedicated solely to Nigerian writing and of course Nigerian romance stories.  Search through this huge treasure trove or largely free stories with the help of tags.

The stories there are categorized in a lot of different ways including genre, country/ tribe and age.

The stories on Wattpad remain largely free to read though they now have some stories that you need to pay for if you want to read them.

Where to read Nigerian romance stories


Is a Nigerian book publishing and reading platform. And is popular among Nigerian authors because not only can they showcase their work they can also sell them.

 So this place also boasts a nice collection of Naija romantic stories under their romance section including Christian or faith-based romance and the books are mostly reasonably priced and can be as low as the value of a recharge card or even free. 

The site also caters to other genres including children’s books and nonfiction so the site is well worth a visit.


 Is a Nigerian online digital library where you can get access to thousands of books fiction and non-fiction by subscribing for either a monthly or a yearly plan. They have a romance section that caters to both foreign and Naija romantic stories.  So If you are a  heavy reader paying to get access to unlimited read here may be worth your while. They also have a section dedicated to free reads. 


And of course, Amazon makes this list. As the world’s largest online bookstore you will definitely find  Nigerian books there. A lot of Nigerians who live in the diaspora publish their stories and novels on this platform including of course romance writers. 

And this is it for now.  The top places where you can get Nigerian romance novels to read. 

 If you believe this list too short I totally agree with you. 

Hopefully, with time it will grow and we will all have more Nigerian romance works to read.

Did I fail to mention any site? If so let me know in the comment section and I would take a look and add it on.


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